Structured Wiring


INTEGRATING Modern Technology

Brantech’s Strategy when evaluating your courtroom system is to help integrate new technology to enhance the trial experience while still utilizing any existing equipment that can still serve a function. 

Service Type

Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is the cabling infrastructure that provides almost all forms of communication internally within your company’s building.It also connects your business externally to the world. Structured wiring is the backbone of all the systems that run your office such as all workspace areas, conference rooms, and boardrooms. It powers all your Data Systems, Intercoms, Workstations, Projection Systems, Audio / Visual Systems, Networks and Servers.

Planning For The Future

As technology continues to advance, more opportunities to expand become available.

Brantech’s strategy is to design and implement a properly structured cable system that builds a flexible foundation for your company’s current needs as well as plan for advancements in technology that can be implemented in the future.

Types of Cabling

  • Category 3, 5e, 6 and 7
  • Single-Mode Fiber Optic
  • Multi-Mode Fiber Optic
  • UTP
  • STP
  • Coax
  • ScTP
  • High Pair Count UTP/STP