Integrating Modern Technology

BranTech’s Strategy when evaluating your courtroom system is to help integrate new technology to enhance the trial experience while still utilizing any existing equipment that can still serve a function. Since 2008, ampoule a lot of unexpected factors have influenced the budgets of many Local, State, and Federal Courts. We have the knowledge and technology to create a completely modern and even futuristic trial experience. However, our main goal is to help provide our clients with the most efficient solutions possible, rx at the same time respecting their current operating budget.

Seamless Court Proceedings

courtroom1BranTech’s main priority when designing a system for a courtroom is to utilize modern technology in the most effective way possible to enhance the judicial experience.

Making everything work seamlessly during a trial is of major importance. When equipment does not function properly, tadalafil if the jury does not see the evidence clearly, or if statements from the counsel are not heard correctly, this can impede the progress of justice being served in the courtroom.


Onsite Training

Part of our job is to make sure our clients and their employees are able to work efficiently and effectively within a technological environment without the hassle of learning advanced technical skills. BranTech realizes that technology can be overwhelming at times.

Our company takes extra steps to make sure our clients receive essential training, that touch panels and other peripherals are easy to operate, cables are clearly labeled and all operational concerns are addressed before we leave.


On-Call 24/7

BranTech uses the best equipment possible and also takes time to evaluate existing equipment used in the courtroom systems we install. However, circumstances do surface that cause equipment to fail. Minimizing the downtime for courtroom proceedings is crucial to us.

Our technicians can be available 24 hours a day. We are able to troubleshoot certain systems remotely or our technicians can be available on-site.


Courtroom Solutions

In the past, BranTech has evaluated courtrooms that required Level I or Level II configurations for their proceedings. However, due to certain circumstances or budget constraints, it was not possible.

BranTech can provide mobile solutions for courtrooms with special circumstances and can also design systems that can fit most budgets. Whether it is a permanent system or Mobile Solution, we will Make sure that the counsel, jury, court reporter, the public and most importantly the judge have a seamless experience in the courtroom.

Examples of Courtroom Systems